22 February 2012

I did Pinterest before Pinterest was invented.

Ok, this has nothing to do with Bennett or Cystic Fibrosis. But I couldn't help but share these pictures.  They remind me of the stories I will one day tell my boys about growing up in the 20th century.

Yes, boys, growing up in the 20th century would seem quite archaic to you:
As a child, I recorded my favorite movies on VHS.   In 5th grade, I used those super large 8" floppy disks and typed DOS commands on a black/green Mac computer in computer class.  I owned a walkman and loved to listen to tapes of my favorite songs while writing the bus to school.  In 8th grade, I learned to type on a typewriter.   My family had one of those heavy bag phones, complete with a cord that we used in the car.   I actually texted my friends using a beeper in high school (holla!).   And I was made fun of for walking to class across campus while chatting on my cellular phone (because nobody did this at first).

So, this is just one more thing to add to the archaicness of the pre-I-now-can-do-everything-on-the-internet days...

The other day, while cleaning out a closet, I found "my binders"...the infamous binders.  In college, I began gathering together magazine clippings of things I like into big binders.  I labeled my binders by topic: entertaining, decorating, organizing, kid ideas, baby ideas, recipes, etc.  Over time, I ended up gathering more than 8 binders of fun things I wanted to use in the future.

But, after several moves, including in and out of my first apartment and into my first home, I began to realize that I just couldn't keep collecting more ideas.  And, honestly, I needed to start cutting down on how many binders I had.  But it's hard to throw away great ideas! :)

After finding my binders again for the first time in two years the other day, I realized: I did Pinterest way before there was ever such a thing.  

The really great thing is, as wonderful as these ideas I originally clipped out are, there are even more on this new Pinterest website which allows me to "clip" ideas and save them for later - all without having to add another physical binder!  Ah, the magic of the internet: less physical paper!

So, goodbye binders!  You were nice when I needed you - but now I can do all of this online!  Thank goodness for the internet.  It's hard to believe how life has changed technologically since I was a kid!  I look forward to see what new things happen in the next 20 years.  Although, I'm still waiting for that Back to the Future hoverboard to be invented! 


  1. That's awesome, I want to pin this, hahaha jk

    1. somebody should pin this. hilarious.
      breck, you are so organized! come organize my life!

  2. That's great! I have a big binder, too....but only one! Did you let them all go? Way proud of you if so! Speaking of the hoverboard, did you see this article that was out the other day??,2817,2400216,00.asp

  3. nice work! i bet there are some real good ideas in all that stuff..

  4. Best. Post. EVER! I totally remember those binders from college!!!! Ah, those were the olden days. ;)

    And, much like you, I had the bag phone once upon a time too. Crazy how times have changed, isn't it? Oh, and Garth is still eagerly awaiting for the hoverboard. If you remember from Back to the Future, we are supposed to have those in three years. Garth posted this picture on Facebook about it:



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