12 January 2012

What a Difference a Doctor Makes

Today, Bennett and I attended his Gastroenterology checkup with his GI doctor.  I can't say enough good things about this doctor.  I went to Bennett's appointment today very fearful that Bennett's weight was not where it needed to be and that we were losing control of being on top of it.  But the GI doctor, in his very usual manner, reassured me Bennett was doing just fine. 

It felt good to have this doctor reassure me, because every time he has done so, I have found he was right. 

I feel so lucky to have found a doctor that we can not only be confident in but who communicates regularly that should something go awry with regards to Bennett's care, he will be there to help us figure it out.  I appreciate this aspect of Bennett's doctor tremendously because...

It hasn't always been this way.

We've been navigating caring for a child with special needs for over two years now (which, let's be honest, feels a bit like 10 years but that's for another blog post...).  The team of doctors we have now are completely different from the ones we started out with originally.  This is because over time and along the way, it has become clear which doctors were not a good fit for the way we ultimately desired to facilitate Bennett's care. 

At one point, alot of my time was just spent fighting our doctors to hear our concerns, to call us back, to come up with effective ways to help Bennett. 

Now, we no longer have to do that.  The doctors we have are advocates of us, as parents, and view us as important to the process as they are.  The doctors we have now are open to our suggestions and offer us an array of new and thoughtful ideas to address Bennett's issues.

I am so very very thankful for the difference a doctor makes.

In as much trouble as Bennett has had over the last two years, it looks like we are starting to emerge from these years with fewer complications than before.  I lay responsibility with our new doctors who have not only helped us put out fires but keep them out.

It occurred to me today how thankful I am, not only for the doctors we have on our team but for the ability to choose doctors.  Being in Central Texas, we live within a two hour driving radius of four excellent children's hospitals!  How amazing is that?!  So, should we come to the conclusion we need to add (or refuse) a member of Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis medical team at any time, its fairly easy to do so because we have access to so many health systems within the area.

Today, as Bennett and I stood under the florescent lights, enclosed by the baby blue walls and sterile medical equipment in the Pediatric doctors office, my heart beamed with thankfulness.  Yes, Bennett received a clean bill of health today.  And yes, his weight ended up being alright.  But my joy came from the fact that, overall, we are just incredibly blessed.

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  1. So glad to hear. I haven't checked up on your blog for awhile. (Been waist deep in CF fundraising lately.) Think of you all often and praise the Lord with you for a good dr. it really does make all the difference.

    Hope you are having a great day!! =) Hugs to you all!


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