21 December 2011

Oliver talks Tornadoes

Oliver's favorite Storm Chaser is Reed Timmer from the show "Storm Chasers."

Oliver has most recently been talking about how he wants to riding with Reed in his red "Dominator" car ("the one with spikes") and chase tornadoes in Oklahoma - seriously.

So, last night, Oliver sat down with me to record Reed a message:

I posted the youtube video on Reed's facebook page last night and within an hour, Reed had already commented: "That is adorable! I'm going to share this!"  

Within minutes, Reed had posted and tweeted Oliver's video to all of his fans:
Check out young Oliver, only 4 years old and is obsessed with tornadoes already! I think it's safe to say we'll see him out on the Plains in no time!
This morning, I explained to Oliver that Reed had seen his message and liked it.  Oliver grinned really big.  I explained that Reed was probably not able to come pick him up in his red car and take him to Oklahoma right now but...that Reed had shown his message to all of Reed's "friends." 

Oliver really enjoyed hearing that and asked if Reed had shown his video to Reed's storm chasing buddy, Joel (to which I said, "probably").

And then, Oliver said, "well, when Reed comes and gets me, I'm going to show him tornadoes in Texas." 

Buddy, I hope Reed comes by and picks you up.  And I hope you eventually do get to see a tornado!

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