24 October 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

This past weekend, we took our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  We all had tons of fun, especially now that Bennett is older now!

Sweet brothers. 

 Despite my greatest efforts to console him, Bennett was not interested in sitting with his best friends in the hay.

 Daddy and the boys feed the animals.

Momma and Bennett

 Momma and Oliver

 Daddy and Bennett

Bennett was SO excited to ride the "train" (and the word train is used loosely...also known as several wagons hitched to a tractor).  But Bennett didn't care.  He LOVED it!

 Daddy walked with the "train" since there weren't any seatbelts.

Daddy and Oliver watch the kiddie maze.  (Notice the maze is made of wood, not corn.  Our Texas corn was burned to a crisp this year.)

 The Duck Races: the boys favorite because water was involved!

"Go, Ollie, Go!"

 "Bennett, smile for the camera!"

 After that, we participated in our favorite activity of the day: the Hayride!

Best buddies on the Hayride.

Bennett kisses his friend Lilli.

What a wonderful day we had at the Pumpkin Patch!!


  1. Awesome pictures!! Your family is beautiful!

  2. We went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend, too, and did many of the same things! From the pictures, it looks like Bennett has your bubbly personality! So precious!

  3. 27 pictures of the gamel family...............thanks breck. they were great...........keith

  4. Cute photos. Bennett is really growing up fast. Looks like a little boy now- sooo cute! :)

  5. You look beeeautiful friend!! The pumpkin patch is the best!

  6. So much fun! Our favorite pumpkin patch is closed this year due to the drought...your pictures really made me miss it! They are fantastic! So sorry for all the ER drama and everything you have been through lately - your boy is a trooper! What a precious family you have!


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