20 October 2011

Pictures of our ER Visit

I was exhausted last night so I didn't have time to post pictures from our exciting ER visit yesterday morning. But here they are...

"Look Mom, no hands g-tube!

What does it look like with no g-tube??  This is a picture of Bennett's stoma (the opening that goes from the outside skin all the way down through his muscle and stomach wall.  The hole is there but is tiny.  The doctor had to dilate the hole with the use of several wires and tubes.  The area is typically slightly pinker than the rest of his stomach.  The skin that grows around the g-tube is called "granulation tissue" and is very common.

Thankfully, the treatment room at the Pediatric Surgeon's office had a TV and cartoons in it.  This was wonderful as it distracted Bennett during our wait.

Fortunately, I had gummy bears in my purse to feed to Bennett while we waited.  Bennett missed both his breakfast and lunch feeds during this time.  So, he ate gummy bears all morning.

Bennett explores the room.

Clearly I couldn't take pictures during the procedure as it took two nurses to hold him down, one doctor to insert the wires and me to comfort him.  All of the crying he did knocked him out on the way home...about the time the Tylenol kicked in.

My sweet boy had it rough!

A souvenir from the day's adventure. 

The new g-tube.  Ah, so happy to see you in your right place once again!


  1. I know this is weird, but I’m fascinated by how fast it can close up. And can you imagine how free he felt when he could just get out of bed without a tether? I am sorry it was painful, I know his pain is felt by you too. I love how grown up he is looking when he is awake and showing you his belly, then how small and young he looks when he is sound asleep.

  2. Sorry to hear that it was such a rough day. Will pray that you will all get some good, "quiet" rest time this weekend. =) The gummies made me laugh. I swear I am forever stashing food in my purse just in case...=0 Glad you had them.

    Take care,


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