13 September 2011

Pulmozyme and Throat Culture Results

Bennett started Pulmozyme a few days ago.  He has handled it well. 

Our plan was to introduce Xopenex (a medication similar to Albuterol) first.  Bennett has gotten pretty used to wearing his nebulizer during Vest time.  So, when we thought he was ok with Xopenex, we introduced Pulmozyme.

Pulmozyme has been known to burn and taste/smell bad.  So, we had expected that Bennett would buck against us.  He has recently shown resistance to putting on his nebulizer, but we just have to remind him that as the parents, we are in control.  We love him too much to allow him to suffer at the hands of Cystic Fibrosis. 

It's hard to "punish" him for not complying with his medical regimen but we have no choice.  It's for his best benefit.  I love how Dr. Phil says that a parent's job is to "bring a child from childhood to adulthood as intact as possible."  I try to remember this is my job with regard to Cystic Fibrosis, as well.  I want to bring Bennett from childhood in to adulthood as healthy as possible.  What he does with his life and his health from adulthood on is his decision.

Also, Bennett's throat culture results came in on Friday.  Everything continues to look good in the way of Bennett's lung health.  He has Staph in his lungs, which is common for CF patients.  But, at this time, he has no known bacteria causing serious havoc in his lungs.  We are treating the Staph with a low dose of antibiotic, which he will stay on for the rest of his life.

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  1. Hi Breck, I am just catching up... I was also upset about doing antibiotics long term for Eva, who has cultured staph in her lungs since 4 weeks old - before we even knew about the CF. But since we have started them, she has really done well. It must work... We are on hypertonic saline vs Pulmozyme but understand it's accomplishing the same thing - and she is starting to fight it too. So hard to hold her little arms down, sing, sway... but you are right, you are doing what he needs and you are a GIFT to this precious boy. Welcome to the Dallas clinic - more aggressive, but whatever it takes to keep them in the best way. Happy birthday Breck.


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