29 September 2011

A gift for Bennett

This is what I received tonight as a gift and message from Khimberly at Snaptastic Shots:

Last week, Khimberly captured some beautiful pictures of Bennett for his 2nd birthday. She was able to get some fabulous pictures of the boys together...

...and apparently me as well. (Although, for the record, I had no idea, until I saw this slideshow, that I was even being photographed so I neither dressed for the occasion nor realized, at the time, I was being shot!)

But I love that Khimberly caught me with the boys anyway. Isn't that the sign of a fabulous photographer, one who catches the emotion of the moment even when the subject isn't looking? :)

Thank you again, Khim, for taking such beautiful pictures of my boys...and for the message of this slideshow.

Yes, everything is going to be alright. :)  These pictures demonstrate it.


  1. You looked beautiful in the pictures, Breck! And Happy Birthday to Bennett! :)

  2. That video is amazing!! How sweet.

  3. LOOOOOOVE! And you are one hot mama ;-)


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