23 September 2011

Dada, finally!...and Bennett's favorite word.

Bennett has finally learned to say Dada, much to Brian's delight!

Like his big brother, Bennett's language skills have been the last to develop but they are coming right along.  He has a few words but mainly communicates through pointing and random sounds. 

He does, however, have a favorite word, a word which he loves to repeat all day long.  Can you guess whose name it is?


Bennett's favorite "Cars" character is "Mack."  Bennett watches the first 20 minutes of Cars (so, therefore, so do the rest of us!).  This is the only movie Bennett wants to watch while he does his twice daily Vest treatment and nebulizer medications. 

In the second half of the first 20 minutes of the movie, Lightening McQueen loses Mack the truck and drives off to find him.  For like 3 minutes, Lightening just keeps calling out for his friend: Mack?!  Mack!  Mack?!

So, all day long, we hear: "Mah!  Mah!?  Mah!?"  It's pretty funny.

Other funny things he says are "Mama Mama Mama Mama" (reciting his favorite book, "Mama Llama mad at Mama") and "Bo Bo BoBoBo" (the song, "Row, Row, Row your boat)

Bennett is starting to show fewer and fewer signs he is a baby and more and more signs he is a big boy!  As much as we have enjoyed him as a baby, it's thrilling to see him so capable, happy and healthy as an up-and-coming preschooler!


  1. Can you believe our babies will be two next week? I keep squeezing Molly so tight, soaking up that last little "baby" in her.

  2. Lol, B, this is adorable!! It's so much fun hearing him become an individual!


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