23 August 2011

Oliver's First Day of School

The morning started early.  Six thirty in the morning came quick!  Oliver woke up, his first observation wrapped in an excuse not to get out of bed: "But the sun's not up!"  

Brian and I were careful to tiptoe around the house in order to get ourselves (and Oliver) ready this morning.  Thankfully, Bennett was able to sleep right through our new morning routine until it was time to walk out the door.

To start the day off right, Oliver had his favorite breakfast (chocolate donuts) waiting for him after he put on his clothes, including socks and closed toe shoes (a deviation from the sandals he has worn all summer!).  After breakfast, which included watching 10 minutes of a tornado DVD, the three of us  went outside for our first annual "First Day of School" pictures!

Mom and Dad are so proud of their big boy!!

The only way I could get Oliver to stand still for a picture was to bribe him with a tootsie roll and tell him to stand perfectly still like he has to do in Karate.  It makes for a stiff picture but at least a good one!

Oliver was SO excited about school!

And what's inside a Pre-Schooler's backpack you ask?  An extra change of clothes (just in case potty break doesn't come fast enough), a Lunchable (a busy mom's lunchbox) and water bottle (because Texas recesses can be hot!). 

It wasn't until I saw Oliver with his backpack on that I realized how little he is.  When you're oldest is three, it's hard to forget how very little three really is. 

Those little baby legs hanging out of the uniform are so funny to me!  (By the way, I got the ok today at preschool to leave Oliver's shirt untucked in the future.  I was following the school handbook rules but apparently they bend them for the littlest kids.  This is good since I thought the polo tucked into the elastic waisted pants were a bit on the nerdy side, even if he's a cute little nerd.  :) Turns out the elastic waist is to help the preschoolers get their pants on and off during potty time.  But, since we can, we'll probably keep the shirt untucked in the future...until it really matters, in Kindergarten.)  

Oliver had a great day at school today.  I was anxious all day to hear all about it!  This morning on the way to school, I made Oliver promise to tell me three things he learned at school today.  I was delighted when he proudly told me his "3 things" were: 1.) He liked naptime (which he said he didn't take a nap but talked quietly with his teachers).  2.) He liked lunchtime.  3.) He liked playing with cars at school.  Sounds like a good day, indeed!   


  1. Love it! :) Very happy to hear of your great 1st day! This is our first year of school as parents also, lots of mixed emotions. :)

  2. Breck, I need to read your blog more often - I miss you! And Oliver is so handsome!

  3. Love the adorable pic of him already for school! It's great he loved his first day! Hope there are many more good days to come...

  4. Way to go Oliver! He looks adorable

  5. Sweet smile on the 1st day of school:) all the best for your future

  6. OMG, he is growing up too fast!!! Oliver looks so adorable and like such a big boy! Aunt Mags is missing him and Bennett, sending all my love!


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