30 July 2011

A Visit with Bennett's Godparents

We were delighted to enjoy several days with our best friends and Bennett's godparents this week.  Emily and Matt have been friends of ours since college.  We were married during the same summer and lived in the same apartment complex that first year.  Emily and Matt have finished up living in LA for several years and are now moving back to Missouri.  On their way from L.A. to Missouri, they decided to take a detour and visit us!

While Matt and Emily were here, we took them to a local National Night Out event.  (The boys oblige mom for a stand-by-the-firetruck picture.  Clearly, they were thrilled.) 

Brian and I seriously love this event as it's a free community event, especially for families.  The first year we did it, I was pregnant with Bennett.  The second year we did it, I was simultaneously tube-feeding Bennett.  This year, he was a ever-so-normal little boy!

I love how Emily took a picture of what I was doing during most the event: taking pictures.
Each year, all four of us look forward to watching the helicopter fly in. 

This year, Oliver really enjoyed looking inside the helicopter.

Daddy always enjoys the combat police booth.

The one thing we appreciate most about this event is the amount of free water and cold sodas given out.  This event is held every July and it's hot.  This year, it was so hot the tar was melting in the parking lot as we walked around the booths.

Bennett really enjoyed the event, particularly all of the free goodies he went home with.  In our little sleepy town, it's awfully fun to attend this annual event.

Each night, while Matt and Emily were here, and after the kids went to bed, we always pulled out our favorite trusty game, "The Bean Game."  This was our favorite game to play when we all lived post-college in Missouri.  And still, Matt and Emily, are our favorite partners to play with.

It brings out our competitiveness...

but it's guaranteed to bring out silliness.

Since Matt and Emily were willing to just come to hang out during a "day in the life" with the Gamels, Emily found herself helping us out in a pinch and watching Bennett during Oliver's play therapy appointment.

This is proof that Bennett had fun with her.

Who doesn't love iphone camera kisses?  We love you, Matt and Emily!  Welcome back to living in the Central Time Zone!

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