18 July 2011

A Visit To the Zoo

Here are pictures of the boys at the Zoo with Nana and Papa...

Checking out the monkey.

Feeding the fish (and swans).

The boys really loved this.

Feeding the goats at the Children's Zoo.  Bennett wasn't really thrilled to have the goats lick his hand.

Who wouldn't love having this fact staring at you wanting your food?  (Honestly, until I spent some time feeding them, I never realized how ugly goats really are.  I'm just sayin'.)

Oliver is a champ at feeding these animals.

Bennett is a Daddy's boy.  He loves Daddy and seeks his attention and approval often.  Bennett will event let go of my hand and hold Daddy's hand instead, whenever it's an option. 

This day, he wanted to ride in the double stroller AND hold Daddy's hand.  Daddy loves it.  :)

We really enjoyed our week with Nana and Papa.  The kids *especially* loved it as Nana and Papa took them to about every kid place in the city!  We are so thankful for such loving grandparents to the boys.  We look forward to seeing Nana and Papa again soon!

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