18 July 2011

Swallow Study Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, Bennett will take his swallow study. This is the second one he's taken but his first one in quite a while. I imagine that, like the one before, it will show there are no swallowing problems (aspiration or penetration). But, we do need to make sure nothing is going on.

Bennett's ability to drink and interest in drinking is far below what it should be for his age. We work diligently daily to get him to drink 5ml at a time. For a while, we almost quit drinking completely. Lately, he has begun to drink much more frequently. But it is still not enough based on what he both could do and needs to do to keep his weight up.

Here is the video of his first swallow study.

I doubt I will be able to capture tomorrow's swallow study on camera as my first priority will be calming what I expect will be quite frightened little boy tomorrow morning.  But, either way, I look forward to reporting the results of the study.  We will have a speech therapist at the Swallow Study (X-ray) so we should be able to understand what is going on pretty quickly. 

I'm hoping for good results - whether it reveals something or not! 


  1. Good luck tomorrow. Hoping for a "good result" visit. Keep us updated. We are thinking of you!


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