21 July 2011

Swallow Study Pictures

I took a few pictures of Bennett during his Swallow Study this week.  I also went back and found some from his last Swallow Study.   I'm struck by how big he is now in comparison to his last study when he was two months old:  

Bennett, 2 months old, November 17, 2009

Cook Children's Hospital

Little guy had no idea what was going on.  Such big machines and baby is so tiny!

Bennett, 21 months old, July 19, 2011. 
Gosh, Bennett is looking so almost-two-year-old-ish.  He is wearing his hospital bracelet for the procedure since we technically have to be admitted to the hospital for things like this.   He is sporting two Thomas the Train stickers, one on each hand.  And he's got his paci...the paci that we use only for bedtime and special scary situations like the hospital.  His pacifer was the biggest reward he received for eating his bites!  He'll do anything for a suck on that thing!

Bennett has a little barium left over on his lips.  And we had to use a towel because I failed to remember to bring a bib with me and barium can be difficult to get out of clothes.  Bennett's left hand is ready and waiting for his sticker. 

Your insides, Bennett, are lookin' mighty fine!


  1. Hey! Look how well he did with that Barium!!! that's shocking for a baby! old people can't even do that well!! I'm glad his study went well...

  2. He's so adorable!! What a BIG boy!


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