29 July 2011

Indoors and Offline

A few days ago, I had the feeling it was freezing cold outside.  I was in my pajamas, ready to snuggle in bed, wanting to curl up in a warm blanket.  I briefly dreamed of going outside, even if it meant getting bundled up and seeing nothing more than crisp hibernating plants bending to the cool winter breeze.

...until I realized all of this was true, except, instead of 36 degrees outside, it was 106 degrees.  It's wild how Texas summers (and really for many people across the states these days) are a bit like winters.  Either way, we're indoors and longing to enjoy the outdoors soon.

Thankfully, we haven't been couped up all that much, especially not due to any colds or respiratory viruses.  This week, our best friends (and Bennett's godparents) have come to visit us.  So, we have spent much time enjoying them and reminding ourselves while they are our best friends in the first place.

Bennett doesn't understand much about their visit.  But Oliver is just beginning to understand what it means to be or have a friend.  He seems to get that there are special people in life that one especially enjoys.  It is fun to be able to watch him develop little friendships, and it's fun for him to see Mom and Dad have special friendships too.

Bennett's day looks the same almost every day.  We are keeping him on his schedule fairly well.  Oliver has spent these past mornings at a local Vacation Bible School program, which he has loved.  We have seen his self confidence and overall emotional balance improve dramatically, especially coinciding with outside activities such as Mother's Day Out and karate.

All of the hustle and bustle, of rekindling friendships, teaching Oliver how to make new friends at Vacation Bible School, staying cool indoors and keeping Bennett on his feeding/treatment schedule has kept me offline recently.  And I like that.  There are moments in life when it just makes sense to unplug and be present in life.  I'm enjoying doing just that.

To unplug doesn't mean to disappear.  I think, sometimes, it means to actually appear. 

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