14 July 2011

Hot July Baseball

Daddy explains how the game works.

The boys giving Mommy the obligated "Say Cheese" picture before they can play.  It didn't quite turn out the way I had planned.

Bennett LOVES drinking from a straw.  He walked to each of our cups and drank from them.  He finds Diet Coke most appetizing.  Of course, it's the only one with no calories!!!
Watching the players warm up.

Oliver gives Bennett a hug (a fairly common spontaneous act of love around here from big brother).

Bennett preferred running from side to side in the handicap section (where we sat).

This is just one of the many pictures I took of Bennett playing at the game.  This boy loves to laugh!!

Bennett tried to stick his plastic hat on Oliver's head.

It didn't work so he went for the face.

 Bennett tried it on himself.

Same result.

Bennett enjoys a Popsicle to cool down.

Oliver delights in some ice cream.

After an evening of hamburgers, nachos, ice cream, Popsicles, cotton candy, waving to the baseball team mascot and playing on the stadium toddler playground, it was time to go home.  Such a fun night for our whole family!

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  1. I cannot believe what a big boy Bennett is now! He does not look like a baby anymore! Oliver hugging him, that is just so adorable!

    Lol@ the diet coke. I think that's why Azer loves salad without dressing. Haha!


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