21 June 2011

Thankful things.

I had this blog post started weeks ago but could not seem to find time to finish it until now.  There were many things I am thankful for from our time in Dallas.  I had started a running list of things I was thankful for but ended up moving from thankfulness to survival.  I find being aware of your surroundings as being necessary to be thankful.  And during our last two weeks at the Baylor Feeding Clinic, I was more in survival mode than I was in aware-of-your-surroundings mode.  Thankfully, God gives us reprieves and I am back to being more aware of what I am doing, where I am going and what good things God has given me.
So, here are just some of the other things I am thankful for...

I am thankful for gifts, given by friends to the boys while Bennett was in the hospital.  It was wonderful to have new toys to play with as the kids made the transition from the comforts of home to the uncomforts of living in a medical facility.

I am thankful for Karem, Dana, Bethany, Tiffany, Ashley and Uncle Darryl and Aunt Laurie for the gifts they showered both the kids.  

Oliver did not feel left out one bit.  He received his own little gifts...although he had no idea why he was receiving them.  Thankfully, both children considered all of the gifts theirs to share.  Bennett and Oliver are such wonderful friends, as much as they are brothers.  They were very happy to share each others' toys.

I am thankful to my friend Karem and friend Tiffany who both share their love through gifts.  Right before I left to go to the hospital, Karem gave me a wonderful book to read while I was there, "Water for Elephants."  And Tiffany gave me this bag and some other thoughtful goodies and food to use while I was away.  These little "happies" not only made me happy to receive, every time I used them at the hospital, they made me smile.  The gifts reminded me that God cares for me through wonderful friends whom I love. 

Another thing that made me smile many times over at the hospital was a handmade gift from our friend Joy...amazing food!  Joy sent us up food one weekend when we had to return home.  Her muffins were amazing.  And her dip and bread was just scrumptious!  I am so thankful for the labor of love through Joy's cooking while we were at the hospital. 

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  1. Hmmm ..I could take a bite out of that muffin right now. Yummy!

    I totally get the survival mode feeling.


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