03 June 2011

New Room; New Floor

Here are pictures of our new room and our new floor.  We moved about a week ago but I'm just now getting these pictures up.

This the nurses station (on the left of the fishes).

The open play area.

This is the view of the play area from our room door.

Our door.

Our door with our car decals from Target...a cheap but fun way to decorate the room.


Bennett's crib railing goes up and down.  We store stuff under his bed.


I pull the curtain at night so that Bennett forgets I'm in the same room with him...and so that if the nurses come in, the light doesn't necessarily wake me up.

The little triangle banner is from Target's party section.  I love little triangle banners.  So festive.


One thing I wasn't able to take pictures of is the classical music I like to play in the background.  It's calming and makes me forget I'm living at the hospital. 


  1. Love what you've done with the room! Those decals from Target on in our sweet boy's room. I bought the quilt and the decals for the walls to match. He loves his room!

    You've made it so homey and cozy. Awesome mama you are!

  2. wow. It's really nice they have a bed in there for you. We had to sleep on a folding chair when M was inpatient. YOu did a great job of decorating. I love all the decals. It makes it more kid friendly and homely. :)

  3. Brings back memories! :) Glad things are going well for you. The room looks so cute, btw! Storing up ideas for future hospitalizations. :)

  4. Thanks for posting pics of your room! I love triangle banners too :).


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