01 June 2011

New Patient, George

One of the things that the Child Life Specialists do here is work with the siblings of children to help them adjust to their brother or sister being in the hospital.  So, Jennifer, one of the Child Life Specialists here has taken a special liking to Oliver.  Last week, she gave him a "Shadow Buddy" whom Oliver named George.

Oliver's patient, George, needed some TLC so Oliver enjoyed playing doctor firefighter to take care of him.

Jennifer gave Oliver plenty of bandaids to care for George.

Apparently, George was "bleeding in his eyes."

Oliver checks his nose and mouth.

After further examination, it came apparent he was bleeding from all over his face.

Hopefully, with firefighter Oliver's help, George will start feeling better soon...if he doesn't suffocate first.


  1. SOOO cute. Great photos and explanations on this one. Oliver looks like he is doing really well. Kudos to you mama for making it this way. Hope things are going well. THoughts are with you...

  2. hehe. so cute! what a great mom you are!


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