24 November 2010

We are cooking like the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Bennett peers over the side of his crib waiting for his morning to begin.
It's the day before Thanksgiving and it's 80 degrees in Texas.  We have enjoyed wearing shorts and flip flops today as we watered our flowers, cleaned our house and generally prepared for family to arrive for the weekend.

We are super excited that family decided to visit us this holiday so that the boys can stay in their same bed and routine.  However, we look forward to traveling to visit both sets of families for Christmas!

Holidays are really fun and we are glad they have arrived.  We'd just love for it to be cold enough to put away our sandals in time for Christmas!  Oh, the Texas life!

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  1. grrrrr... :) We are cold cold cold and it's snow on the ground and fire in our fire place, brrrr only clothing worth putting on is 100% wool :(


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