11 October 2010

Update on Bennett

Bennett is still doing really well, much better than a week or so ago. He is done with his medication for C.Diff. and was retested for the bacteria today. We should hear the results in a few days.

The doctor went ahead and tested all of the members of our family for C.Diff. to make sure nobody has it "lurking" in their body. C.Diff. is extremely difficult to get rid of so we want to make sure we aren't "sharing" it with each other. (We aren't really convinced we are "sharing" it as the only way to do so is through the fecal-oral route and to my knowledge, we don't typically eat our poop. But, the bacteria can last a long time and since we change the baby's diapers, there is always a chance it has/will spread to a close family member). Nonetheless, we are being tested.

Bennett's newest medication to add to the list is called Florastor.  It's an over the counter probiotic.

Probiotics are live microorganisms (usually bacteria) that help keep good bacteria in the gut.  It won't necessarily get rid of the C.Diff. (or any other bad bacteria that might be lurking) but it will help balance the bad bacteria with good bacteria.

So, Bennett has begun taking this medication (it's $1.00 per pill!!!) and will likely have to take it for the rest of his life.

Florastor is the fifth separate medication Bennett now takes on a daily basis and will likely do so forever.  It's alot...but we're just thankful for medication that helps keep him healthy!!


  1. I miss the updates. Hope everything is going well!

  2. Checking on Bennett! Hope all is well!!

  3. I hope everything is well for Bennett. Everyone really needs the good bacteria in our body and probiotics is a good source of that. Hope everything is alright now.


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