22 October 2010

Bathtime Fun

Bennett loves playing in the bathtub.  The water just cracks him up.

We started to post a video of him in the tub where you can hear his belly laughs, but realized a video didn't fare as well as a still photo in the way of not showing his birthday suit to the entire world.

So, we opted for just a few pictures of Bennett playing in the bath.  We had to delete most of the pictures we took because they were blurry.  Bennett really enjoys "swimming" (or crawling/slipping) from one side of the bath to the other.

Standing up on the side of the bathtub.

Peering over.

Mom is clearly bored at this point as it was her night to watch Bennett take a bath so she found it a perfect time to "play photoshoot."  At this point, Bennett lost his interest in water and was more curious as to what his mother was doing.

No worries, the fun never ends when it involves water!

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  1. I can almost hear his giggles in the photos - and it brings back sweet memories of when my children were babies splashing in the tub. Don't you love how God gives moments of joy along our path even though parts of the path are dark and frightening. I know you cherish every moment of "normal happy baby" time.


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