05 August 2010

Oliver's Take On Bennett's New Vest

Today, Breck was unpacking Bennett's vest, getting it ready for him, when Oliver came over to watch.  Since we have yet to turn on the vest's oscillating feature since the Hill-Rom Vest trainer has not come by to train us on it yet, we were quite surprised when Oliver told us how the vest works.  He must have really been paying attention to the videos we have played of other children in the vests.  (We decided to pull out our camera to document Oliver's viewpoint of Bennett's treatments as he grows up, too.)


  1. :) He's so cute and so smart! :)

  2. The vest is wonderful! Your arms can rest a little now. Has Oliver tried it? Have you tried it (I don't guess you will fit into that tiny little vest, though.....Macy was 2 1/2 when she got hers)? I hope Bennett tolerates it okay. We always read or turn up the TV LOUD during vest time. - Julie Martin

  3. Oh our godson is BRILLIANT! ;-)


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