01 August 2010

Bennett's New Backpack

Despite our hesitation, we decided to go forward and purchase the official backpack that goes with Bennett's pump.  We weren't quite sure the "official" Zevex Enternalite Feeding Pump backpack was much better than the $7 black preK-sized backpack we purchased at Walmart.  So we asked our Home Health Company (who provides us with all of our medical equipment) if they would look into it for us and let us know.  They decided to go ahead and purchase one so we could see it.

And it turns out that there are quite a few features that makes this backpack worth purchasing.(Unfortunately, this is something insurance doesn't pay for.  However, our Home Health Company gave it to us at cost, which made it much more affordable for us!)

Bennett uses his pump for EVERY meal these days.  So, we felt that this was a worthy investment.  What makes this backpack so nice is that it has special velcro straps that work perfectly for our pump and feeding bag.  It also has a place to keep a cool pack to keep the milk from spoiling. 

 The backpack has a special compartment so that we don't have to open the entire bag just to turn the pump on.  Also, there is a small little opening (not pictured) through the entire backpack which allows us to run Bennett's feeding pump tubing.  Eventually, when he is 4 or 5 years old, he can actually use the pump and wear the backpack while he plays.  For now, we wear it (if we're carrying him) or we place it on the floor/hang it up nearby.

We are starting to become more and more brave with letting Bennett sit on the floor while being "hooked up" to his pump.  Originally we began by placing him in his highchair to keep him from playing with the cord or ripping it out of his tummy.  But now that he's crawling, it's hard to keep him confined for 30 minutes.  Besides, he seems very gentle with the tubing and will likely eventually not even realize it's there (or so we hope).

So far, he's doing really well with the pump.  We are so happy that he is tolerating it and even learning how to move about despite the tubing.

We're head over heels with our sweet boy, who is laughing, jabbering, crawling and pulling up more and more each day!



    These two should cover the question you asked about skye being critical.

    shes been "critical" many times, this is the recent one.

  2. So glad everything looks good to the doctors. Bennett just looks PRECIOUS!!!! Wish I could squeeze him! Love, Ms.Ann


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