09 July 2010

We Will Miss You, Tracy!

On Wednesday, we said goodbye to someone very special to Bennett and our entire family.  We said goodbye to Tracy, our beloved babysitter here in Waco.

Tracy started babysitting for us shortly after we arrived in Waco last Summer.  While she has babysat for us, she has watched Oliver grow a complete year older and has known Bennett his entire life.

In fact, Tracy was there the moment when Breck realized Bennett was no longer moving in the womb and faced that she might end up having a still birth:  Tracy was babysitting Oliver that morning while Breck worked from home.  Tracy overheard Breck crying in her office as she shared with her mother over the phone her fears over Bennett's lack of movement (Breck could not get ahold of Brian that morning as he was in class).  Tracy was there to comfort Breck when she left alone for the hospital, reassuring Breck that she would care for Oliver until we had someone else in place.

Tracy has been valuable to us in so many ways, not only on that day.  Once Bennett came home, feeding tubes, treatments and all, Tracy gladly stepped up to the plate to care for him.  Within a few weeks, we she babysitting BOTH boys.  And then, out of the kindness of her heart, she began volunteering her time to watch the boys so we could get out more often than we were able to pay (a much needed relief during that time).

Tracy is tremendously special to us because she has such a thoughtful heart and lovely disposition.  She came to us as a babysitter but she left us as a friend.

Tracy is moving to Maryland to work as a first grade teacher.  Her students this fall are so lucky to have her.  What a wonderful teacher she will be!  We will miss you, Tracy.  Come visit us soon!

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