30 July 2010

Update: Getting ready for Monday

Bennett is doing really well these days.  We are looking forward to our day in Fort Worth on Monday as we have several doctor appointments set up.  We will have an appointment with Bennett's CF and GI doctors, as well as a liver ultrasound to check how his liver is doing (he's been on medication for high liver enzymes for the last two months).

We look forward to meeting with the GI doctor and discussing Bennett's continued GI issues (although, they have significantly lessened since we tinkered with his formula).  We are, however, concerned with the frequency of his vomiting during his feeds (he throws up about 80% of the time). 

We look forward to finding out how the CF doctor wants to treat his respiratory symptoms - runny nose and wet cought - that he's had since the beginning of June.  Bennett hasn't felt badly and has had no fever, but we would really love if we could help him get rid of his runny nose and cough.  We're not sure what the doctor will suggest we do.  It seems there is alot of "wait and see" situations with CF because of the hesitation to use antibiotics for fear that Bennett's bacteria would become antibiotic-resistant.

We're expecting that Monday's Day of Doctor Appointments will be filled with good news.  However, every CF clinic appointment offers a small feeling of butterflies as we anticipate what the doctors might say - more medication?  another test?  concern over something else?  hospitalization?  We hope not.  But we anxiously wait to see.


  1. I think of you often and I'm praying for y'all! :)

  2. We learned that Sara tends to throw up more often during and infection. Like it's a sign that something is not right. Usually when her throwing up increases her germ tests are positive for bacteria even if there is no other symptoms. I hope Dr. decide to treat your little man.

  3. Believing and praying for positive news for you all on monday!


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