07 July 2010

Update - 9 Month Pediatric Appointment

Today, Bennett was seen by his Pediatrician for his 9 month appointment which, thankfully, did not include any shots!

Bennett's Pediatrician, who is absolutely wonderful, answered all of our questions - ranging from whether he has "flat head syndrome" (he doesn't) to whether is he developmentally delayed in any area (to which she answered "only 'understandably delayed' due to his nearly two months of being in the hospital with major surgeries).

Bennett weighed 18 pounds and 10 ounces, more than last month but not as much as we may have wanted.  This may be because...
* we stopped his feeding pump at night (he was getting tangled up in it and it's not worth his suffocating himself accidently)
* he's been having a hard time tolerating his feeds when having a "painful poop episode" and has been throwing up alot of his food
* or because we've begun diluting his milk at the thought that possibly an over-concentration of high-caloric formula is causing his GI system to be irritated.

Dr. K, the Pediatrician, recommended that we try to limit our diluting of his formula to the greatest extent possible while also trying to prevent his pain and inability to tolerate his feeds.  She hopes that if we do this, Bennett will begin gaining weight more rapidly.  We shall see.

Bennett's weight, like most babies' weight, is an indicator of his health.  So, we have to monitor his weight closely.  Bennett's weight is especially important as studies show that those with CF have better lung function when they are above the 50th percentile in weight.  Bennett's current percentile is 21.

However, within 24 hours, we noticed a HUGE difference in Bennett's pain when we began feeding him the same volume of formula but not the same concentration.  He was taking 24 calorie formula.  We are hoping that he may tolerate 20 calorie formula better.

Overall, it was a good appointment.  But what makes the appointment even better is that we know Bennett is doing really really well.  His pain has nearly stopped altogether and he's surprising us daily with some of funny things he's doing - things that deserve blog posts of their own!


  1. Great news! It's always so nice to come back from clinics and peds appt with happy news! Thanks for sharing.

  2. And I love reading everyone of them! Praying for yall!Love, Ms.Ann


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