14 July 2010

Pictures: Standing Up!

Our little boy is getting big and standing up!

Bennett has recently shown us he can stand up and hold on to something by himself.   He can't get up there or down from there without help.  But he can stand up without support and that is barrels of fun for him.

Our sweet boy.

Bennett is just a-talkin' in this picture.  Usually he babbles "da-da-da" when he's happy.  (Actually, it sounds more like "die-die-die" but we're going to pretend he doesn't sound like a baby "Chucky."  Should we be frightened?)

And Bennett is just a-chewin' in this picture.  Big Brother Oliver is obviously no where to be found (Oliver was likely at the dinner table snacking himself when we took this picture).

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  1. This truly brings back so many memories of when Nathan was newly mobile. Bennett looks like such a charmer in that outfit.


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