29 July 2010

Pictures: Sitting Up In Bed

We walked in to find Bennett sitting up in bed after a nap all by himself a few days ago!  Before his nap, he could only lie down or be placed in a sitting position if we set him up.  After his nap, he could do both all by himself!  Kids develop so fast during their first year.  It never ceases to surprise us when a baby hits a milestone!  The human brain is so incredible!

Mr. No-Pants-On is happy from his nap...and so proud he can now sit himself up without any support from us!

Playing Peek-A-Boo!

This is actually a bad picture but it cracks us up.  We see this all the time now, just two little eyes and a practically bald head peeping over the crib.

Reaching for Mommy's camera.

So happy!
Oliver comes to say hello!  His spot in Bennett's room is the little red and white stool.

Oliver would get in if we'd let him.  However, Oliver isn't bothered.  He just gets in as much as our gotta-keep-two-feet-on-the-stool-rule will let allow!


  1. Sweet brothers! We need more video!! :)

  2. that smile melts my heart. i miss you all so much and think about you every day!


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