24 July 2010

Day In The Life - Feeding Our Kid On A Pump At The Mall

Recently, we decided to venture out to the mall, which happen to fall right smack dab in the middle of Bennett's feeding.  So, here is another "Day in the Life - Feeding our kid on a pump at the mall."
It may be tricky but one can feed their baby on a pump while out running errands. 

Step 1: Stick the child in the stroller.

Step 2: Use a velcro strip to hang the filled feeding bag from the stroller handle.

Step 3: Safely set up the pump on top of the stroller umbrella.

Step 4: Plug the feeding bag tubing into the child's tummy.

 Step 5: Turn the pump on and set for the appropriate length of time needed.

Step 6: Give the baby whatever the baby wants to keep him happy for 30 minutes, including but not limited to an empty Chick-fila milk bottle.  (Note: as evidenced by the above picture, this sometime does and sometime does not work)

In our next edition of "Day In The Life," find out how one can feed their baby on a pump while riding in the car!

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