02 July 2010

Bummer Rectal Prolapse - Another TMI post for some

Note: Cystic Fibrosis affects many of the body's organs.  The lungs are the most common organ of which people seem to be aware.  However, other common organs that are affected by CF are the intestines, the liver and the pancreas.  Bennett's CF seems to giving him alot of gastrointestinal (GI) issues right now.  This post deals with some of Bennett's GI issues.  If you get easy grossed out, you might want to skip this post.

It was an interesting sight to see this evening. Oliver playing nearby on the couch. Brian off at the store. Bennett lying on his pallet on the floor with his diaper open. Mommy lying next to Bennett intently watching Bennett's bottom, her camera nearby.

Breck, having been out of town, wanted to check to see if Bennett is still having Rectal Prolapse. The only way one can know this is by watching the poop as it happens (totally gross but becoming more and more totally normal).

Breck could tell Bennett was hurting around 9pm. Noticing the way he kicks his feet, makes his fussy cry and becomes uninterested in his toys, Breck thought that he might be soon having a "painful poop" episode. So, for 20 minutes, she waited by as Bennett strained to have a bowel movement. It seemed to take forever, but Breck was confident that his pain is associated with his rectal prolapse (despite that the doctor insists that rectal prolapse is painfree).

And then it happened...
again, and again, and again...

Worse than before.

Breck practically lost her dinner thinking about what might happen if the strain on Bennett's intestines would be so severe that she'd be forced to "push it back in" as some parents are forced to do.

Oliver came over to Bennett on the floor and gently touched him while saying, "Bennett cry? Bennett cry?" Breck reassured Oliver that Bennett's tummy was hurting but Bennett was ok. Oliver is so sweet and sensitive when others are hurting.

But it's hard to imagine what Oliver must think - watching Momma take pictures of Bennett's bottom (to show the doctor next week) and immediately showing Daddy when he returned from the store.

The rectal prolapse looks worse than before but we now have a better idea of what Bennett's poops look like when they are Miralax-poops and when they are not. Despite that his bowel movements are always loose, tonight's BMs were mucus-y and thicker since he was taken off the stool softener after Tuesday. The bottom line - the Miralax is likely working well. Tonight showed us the more we see these symptoms, the more we become "experts" on our son's condition and his specific issues.

Rectal prolapse, while scary, is typically not something to immediately worry about (unless blood is associated).   So, we will put him back on 1/4th cup of Miralax a day and check in with the doctor on Tuesday. Until then, we will monitor the situation...

...and when we say monitor...well, you get the picture.

P.S. As an update, we did arrive home this afternoon and had a wonderful time reuniting! Apparently, while Breck and Oliver were gone, Bennett learned to stand up on his own (when propped)! And to Brian's surprise, Oliver's vocabulary grew tremendously!


  1. What a bummer that Bennett is having so many prolapses. Lucy has had more than her fair share in the last year. I did want to stop by and tell you that the actual prolapse is not painful (says Lucy), but the pain does ALWAYS happen before the prolapse because there is constipation and stomach cramping. Every single prolapse that Lucy has had, it was NEVER firm poop, but really runny and mucus-y, and she was straining really hard to get it out. With the right enzymes (we've switched 3 times), the right dosage, and the right amount of Miralax everyday I hope things can get running smoothly for your little guy.

  2. Dear Breck and Brian, I have not checked in for quite some time and decided to do that tonight. When I am reading your thoughts, Breck, I just want to reach out and hug you. I wish that I knew y'all, but I don't and that won't stop me from praying for you and your sweet family.

    You show enormous, strength and love and I pray that God will continue to rain that down on you!

    Always keep one another loved and encouraged so that you will individually have the strength to deal with the struggles that are going to come your way!

    Ellen Parker


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