02 June 2010

Up, up, up in the Sky-eye!

"Up, up, up in the Sky-eye!"  This is what Oliver says when he sees a bird fly or plays with his toy airplane.  And that's where we are going today!

Oliver is sooo excited and Bennett knows no different.  But we are packed and ready to go see Nana and Papa in Missouri.  We look forward to seeing them again!

While in Missouri, we will be also participating in the wedding of two of our beloved friends from our college church (Breck is one of the matrons of honor).  The wedding is particularly special to us as the young woman is someone who Breck mentored when she was in college/post-college.  We have known her for about 10 years and have seen her go from a meek high school student to a strong young Christian woman ready to taken on the world with a strong Christian man by her side.

Not only are we excited to watch them say their vows, but to visit with old friends who still live in our old college town.  Additionally, we look forward to being together - alone - back in the place where we first met, were engaged and first lived after being married.

We are leaving the boys home with Nana and Papa for a few days.   We know the boys will have a blast and Nana and Papa will be able to do just fine.  But we're still nervous.  This will be the first time anyone has kept Bennett overnight, certainly for an extended amount of time (3 days, 2 nights) and most certainly both boys alone for that amount of time.  However, we're only a few hours away should some happen.  It helps knowing that Nana is a nurse as well as Bennett's grandmother.  It's a great combination for a child who needs extra patience as well as extra TLC due to his unique needs.

So, we are looking forward to a wonderful week with family and friends!  Now, our prayer is both boys handle traveling well.  We'll be in the midwest soon!

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