04 June 2010

Slippy to a Sippy?

We're working with Bennett's therapists to get him interested in using a sippy cup to feed himself.  He certainly has the ability to eat normally, he just doesn't.

We vividly remember this issue beginning in the NICU when he was just beginning to take breastmilk (he wasn't fed for the first two weeks of his life because his gut couldn't handle it; instead he was fed directly into his bloodstream).

Possibly his GI issues made it difficult for him to want to eat?  Maybe it's because he had an oral aversion to all the tubes that were stuck down his throat at only weeks old?  Maybe it was the aversion he had to eating his enzymes at one point or maybe that he associated his eating with throwing up and cramps?  Or possibly his tongue thrust made it hard to suck on a bottle?  Or even still his sickness this past winter made him not hungry?  Who knows?!

But what we do know is it's time to try again.  This time we're trying to slip in the sippy cup and slowly back away from the tube feedings.

We recently bought Bennett a new type of pacifer when we couldn't find the brand we normally bought for him at Target (we had previously tried to buy different pacifiers for the boys since Oliver is about to have to give his pacifier up for good and we didn't want him stealing them back from his little brother's mouth).  But, we ended up just buying the same one the other day, ultimate our favorite, Avent.

Bennett didn't suck on that paci for two days.  He would chew on it and hold it in his mouth but would not suck on it.  But today, he did.  And he seemed relaxed with this new thing in his mouth.

This is good since he has shown to be "orally defensive" as the therapists have described him.

So, maybe this is why he was interested in playing around with his new sippy cup today.  Maybe he's becoming more open to new nipples and things in his mouth.

 He certainly seemed to like chewing on the cup today.

He was hungry so it was good to see him enjoy the milk.  But it didn't last long.  After about 10 minutes of playing with it, he wanted to eat for real.  We were happy to oblige.  We'll try the sippy cup again tomorrow!


  1. Bennett is ahead of Caden in the sippy cup area. Caden will take a sip from the cup when we help him, but he can't do it himself yet.

  2. He is way ahead of our Sara on the zippy cup and she is 15 months old. Sara is not even holding her regular bottle by her self. I found a lot of the same thoughts we have about her eating problems in your blog post here today.
    Does Bennett eat porridge yet or other solids? We have been told Sara eats like a 8 month old baby that is in the beginning of trying out food. She has been out of the tube for about 8 weeks now, but still prefer her milk in a bottle before porridge or other solids. Her belly also handles the food poorly and she is throwing up almost every day. (throwing up means she empties her tummy). Sara does not at all enjoy feeding time, feeding I think will not be her favorite for a long time still. Sara just hates food and I swear she thinks throwing up is a game we play at every meal. :(

    Bennett is so cute, you did well creating that little sweetie! :D

  3. Go Bennett! We never were able to get Chloe to use traditional sippys. She couldn't get the milk out of them with all those "spill proof" valves and whatnot. She used Take and Toss, which spilled everywhere and ruined the carpet but eventually got the hang of it and moved on to straw cups.


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