18 June 2010

Pictures: Our ECI Therapists

Update: Bennett had his blood drawn again today.  The results came back and the CF nurse said his potassium levels (which were previously high) went down, which is good news.  It's still high but not as high.  The doctor will look over the results on Monday and let us know if any new changes will be made to his medication.  He started his medication today, which we gave through his g-tube.  Oh, how we love g-tubes for giving nasty-tasting medication! 

It takes a village to raise a child...especially Bennett.  Here are just a few pictures of the people who help oversee Bennett's health.

Christin (left) is Bennett's ECI coordinator.  She is an excellent resource for us.  She has lots of information and specialists at her fingertips for when we need them.  Mary (right) is Bennett's speech therapist.  She is helping us learn how to get Bennett to take a sippy cup/straw/bottle.  There are other therapists who work with Bennett on a regular basis so we'll get a picture of then in the future.

During a recent visit to our home, we asked if Christen and Mary would take a picture for our scrapbook and to share. We see the ECI therapists on a monthly basis and will continue to see them regularly until Bennett no longer needs the program or turns three years of age. We have very much appreciated what ECI has done for both Bennett and for us!

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