26 June 2010

Pictures: A Day In The Life - Brotherly Fun

The boys spend much of their day in the living room playing.  Oliver really enjoys crawling under Bennett's Jumperoo so that Bennett can "walk" on his back.  Sometimes Oliver will roll over and tickle Bennett's feet.  They both just cackle so loud when Oliver does this. 

Bennett had managed to "poop" through his clothes this morning.  Oliver plays on the floor nearby while Bennett just hangs out...

...but Oliver didn't want to leave Bennett out of the fun.  Oliver does a great job sharing his toys.

Sometimes, though, Bennett is just happy to watch the action.

Particularly when the action involves Oliver banging on his xylophone (what he calls his "drums") and singing as loud as he can.  The choices of Oliver's songs often include: "The Momma Song", "The Bennett Song" and/or "The Daddy Song" - each is a rendition of the same "song" (i.e. banging and yelling) with different words (i.e. Mommy!  Daddy!).  It's pretty hilarious.  And we can't help but watch as well.

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