27 June 2010

Going To Grandma's

We are on our way to Grandmom's (aka Great-Grandmom to Bennett and Oliver) house today.  Well, just Breck and Oliver, that is.  Brian and Bennett are settled at home until Momma and Big Brother return in a few days.

A few weeks ago, we decided to have Breck surprise her Grandmom with a visit (something she hasn't done since before Bennett was born).  Typically, Breck would have brought both boys with her as Brian is studying/in school this summer.  However, Grandmom has been sick so we decided not to bring Bennett with us.

So, for one week, we are each parenting one child per parent and enjoying the benefits of giving our full attention to each child.

Momma is already missing her little boy (knowing those four top teeth will likely have come in before she returns).  And Daddy is already missing his big boy, although he will enjoy toddler phone call updates along the way.  But we are thankful for the opportunity for Breck and Oliver to visit Grandmom for a few days together.

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