10 May 2010

Video: Oliver Pushes Bennett In The Stroller

A few nights ago, on a gorgeous night, we were hanging out in the driveway as a family.  Oliver was enjoying one of his favorite pastimes: pushing an empty stroller around the driveway.

At one point, Breck decided Bennett might like to go for a ride.  She placed Bennett in the umbrella stroller to see how well he could sit in it.  She was happy to see he fit in it perfectly and Oliver was delighted that now he had a purpose to pushing his stroller.

Our favorite thing about this video is seeing the grin on Oliver's face as he pushes his little brother around and how Bennett's right leg swings as he is happily being pushed.  (We also love how Bennett has "selective hearing" at one point but several times peeps out from behind the stroller to look at mom.) How much we love seeing our little boys enjoy each other!

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