18 May 2010

Update - May 18, 2010

Things continue to improve around here.  Brian is finally done with his first year of his PhD program.  He made all A's which is excellent considering less than 8 months ago, he was contemplating taking a semester off to care for his wife who had just given birth and his newborn son who, at one point, doctors thought wasn't going to make it.  We are pretty proud of Papa Bear.  He's done good. :)  One year down and 3-5 more to go!

Oliver continues to love his role as a big brother.  He loves to get on the floor and play with Bennett, particularly if he can make Bennett laugh.  Today, after playing the "Where'd Oliver Go" game with Breck (this involves placing a basket on his head and calling Momma's name until she replies in a very convincing voice, "Where'd Oliver Go?"), Oliver placed the basket on Bennett's head and begin to ask, "Where'd Bennett Go?"  Sometimes we become anxious that Oliver will hurt Bennett in the process of his playing.  But each time, we hold ourselves back and wait for the boys to communicate their needs to each other.  Bennett rarely cries and is very laid back.  So, it was no surprise when Bennett didn't say a word despite being pinned down by his 2.5 year old brother's placement of a basket over his head.  The basket came off with Mother's quick reply, "Where'd Bennett go?" and Bennett just smiled.  There is a deep love there that grows daily.

Bennett is doing wonderful!  He is on the cusp of being too big for 6 month clothing.  He weighs about 17 pounds now and even seems a bit long for his baby carrier.  We are beginning to look at moving to a bigger and more permanent carseat.  He will continue to stay riding backwards until he is 1 year old but that will be here before we now it!  Bennett has begun rolling himself around the floor and enjoys playing on his tummy more and more.  He hasn't sat up or begun to try to crawl but we are no longer worried.  He seems to be hitting his milestones in his own time.

Breck is also doing well!  Despite her resolve to never travel again until our boys are 18, she is preparing for us another family trip to Missouri in a few weeks for a close friends' wedding and to see Brian's parents, Nana and Papa.  She continues to take the boys to doctors appointments and handle alot of the paperwork that goes into dealing with Bennett's care.  But the hospital bills have slowed, the doctors appointments are few and mundane aspects of life are beginning to once again be her chief concerns.

We are thankful for summer and all that it brings.  We know, like all things, it will not last long.  But we are determined to enjoy every bit of it!

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