01 May 2010

Throat Culture Test

Two weeks ago, Bennett was given his first throat culture.  It's a regular test given to Cystic Fibrosis patients to monitor what infections might be settling in their lungs.  These tests are important because they often dictate what additional treatments should be done. 

Sometimes, the doctor recommends doing nothing.  Other times, the doctor recommends adding a medication to current course of nebulized medications.  And then other times, the doctor admits patients to the hospital for two weeks of IV antibiotics.

The test results typically take anywhere between 1-2 weeks.  So, we called Bennett's Pulmonologist last Thursday to check to see if the results were in.  The chances of Bennett having Psdeumonas, MSRA or some other lunch infection in his lungs at this point is pretty low.

However, we were suprised with the nurse called us back on Thursday to say, "well, the results are in but I'll have to have the doctor call you back to tell you what they say."  This made us nervous and concerned that the results might not be good.

We waited anxiously all day Friday and again left a message requesting that the doctor call us back to give us the results.  But, we never heard anything from the Pulmonologist.  This made us relieved since we feel that if the results are bad, the doctor would probably be knocking our door down to tell us the results and get him treated immediately.

The truth is we are both not concerned and yet still nervous.   One way or the other, we plan to hear something on Monday. 

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