27 May 2010

Pictures: A Day In The Life

Our sweet angel is enjoying his tummy time more and more these days.  This means big brother Oliver is enjoying more floor time play as well.

 Why wait for little brother to crawl? 

It's much more fun to crawl over him anyway!

However, as a little brother, you learn to watch your back... never know who might be running behind you.

But that's what's so wonderful about big brothers.  They are always there to play.

And to be blamed for making all the mess!

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  1. Just had to show these to my husband, Bob! Bennett is just such a pretty baby! I love seeing pictures of Oliver playing with him. What a cute expression on his face in the 4th picture! So glad his g-tube doesn't keep him from enjoying being on his tummy! Just love seeing your pictures and keeping up with Bennett's little life! Love, Ms.Ann


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