12 May 2010

Pictures: 7 Months Old

Bennett is getting bigger and stronger by the day!  On April 30, he turned 7 months old!

He weighs almost 17 pounds and is incredibly easy going.  He hardly ever cries and loves to sleep! 

Bennett goes to sleep at 8pm and will wake up around 9am.  He'll eat, play and then go back to sleep for a few hours in the morning.  He'll wake up for lunch and be awake for a few hours before his afternoon nap.  He's up for dinner before retiring for the night.  Sometimes, we can't believe how easy a baby he is!
Bennett is now really interested in toys.  If he can get his hands on it, he wants it: your necklace, your drink, your keys.  He enjoys playing with anything usually ends up putting it in his mouth.

He's very curious and particularly loves to watch Oliver play, sing and dance.

Big blue eyes.
Bennett prefers his back but will sometimes roll over on this tummy...with one condition...

...that he doesn't lie on his g-button.  He is adamant that, if he rolls over, he will not fully lie on his tummy.  Notice his poor little left leg in the air to prevent him from lying completely on his belly.  We try to help make his g-button more comfortable but we're not sure what else to do.  We predict he's likely to learn how to crawl without ever lying on his belly.

Such a serious face. 

Happy 7 month, sweet Bennett-bear!

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  1. He must have some serious ab muscles to keep that leg in the air!!! Such a sweet boy.


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