05 May 2010

Naked Boy In Busy Airport

Why is our son standing in the airport with no shirt, covered only by his beloved green blanket?

Choose One:
A. He wanted to play like a super hero.
B. He is a true Southern hillbilly who at any point may or may not wear his shirt or shoes in public.
C. He was covered in a wet pee shower as mom was trying to change his little brother's diaper in her lap on the airplane.

If you chose C, you are correct.  There is no picture of Bennett to include here.  Mom did not find this situation all that humorous.

Completely embarrassed that her inability to get the wipes out in enough time caused her poor son to be soaked by his little brother, she considered just telling him, "It's just water."  Too bad it didn't work; Still reeling from shock and with a face of complete disgust, he mumbled, "Poop!" (his 2 and a half year-old way of saying, "Did you just see that?! I just got defecated on!").

Mom then had to take off his white shirt (for surely it would not camouflage the yellow stain) and realized it's much better to go naked than to walk around smelling like urine!


  1. still laughing! oliver you are too cute! way to take one for the team!

  2. That is fabulous! One time after peeing through one outfit and puking on another while on a lay over in Chicago Roy ended up wearing a t-shirt and no pants the rest of our travels. We tried to hide his unfortunate fashion statement with the only cover we had - Lilli's pink Kitty blanket. We feel your pain!

  3. This story made me laugh out loud! Any mom who travels on a plane with little kids is a super hero in my book - no matter what happens on the way =)


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