31 May 2010

Pictures: Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Weekend, Aunt Brook and Uncle Joseph (Breck's sister and brother-in-law) invited us to their lakehouse.

Bennett watches Daddy take Oliver out on the jetski.

They look like they were going fast but they were going only a few miles per hour.  Even then, Oliver wanted off pretty quickly.

Bennett practices his walking skills.

After time on the water, the boys played through the lakehouse glass doors.  (Aunt Brook and Mom are holding Bennett up).

They both just cackled at each other through the glass.

Later, the both took a rest.  Bennett hung out in the lounge chair.  Oliver (in the background) quietly stuck pine needles through the deck.

Oliver was fascinated with putting the "sticks" through the "holes."

Our newly turned 8 month old shows how big he is in the big seat!

Bennett sat up by himself for a good while.  However, he's not fully able to sit by himself yet.

Looking like a little man.  

We had a great time at the lake house!  Thank you Aunt Brook and Uncle Jos! 
Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. My grandson, Cash, stayed busy poking pine needles through our deck cracks oneday! 2 Year Olds!!!! To me, that's the most fun age! Looks like yall had a great time! Good for you! Those boys are precious! Love, Ms.Ann


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