04 May 2010

First Throat Culture Test Results

We were finally able to find out the results to Bennett's first throat culture.  It turns out he does have "staph" growing his in lungs but apparently it's "normal for one with CF."  Therefore, we do not need to do any new treatments and should not worry.  We are very glad to hear that we can carry on life as normal.  Bennett will be given a throat culture test every 3 months for the rest of his life to monitor infections in his lungs.  


  1. Sara gets her throat culture tested every 4 weeks. She gets treated for every potential infection every time before it catches on.


  2. Hello again, I wanted to let you know something I learned about throat cultures. They do not always show what is growing in the lungs so it is better to do a sputum culture. It took me about 17 years to realize this, I do not know why my doctors never thought to do sputum cultures and test them against the throat cultures, as they, for me yielded entirely different results. Just for the future you might want to start having him do sputum cultures (when hes older) because it comes directly from the lungs and not so much of the flora in the back of the throat persay. I say when hes older because I can imagine it would be a lot harder to get a baby to "hack" or cough up a culture :-)

    Just passing a tip a long that took me years to figure out!!


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