26 May 2010

Continued Bolus Feedings

Bennett is primarily fed through his g-tube these days.  G-tube feedings are called "bolus feedings."  We finally gave up trying to give him a bottle about 2 months ago.  Now, we're pretty much bolus feeding him every day.  This consists of hooking a tube to his g-button, placing the milk in a syringe and allowing gravity to empty the formula in his tummy.

Bennett eats about 5 ounces of formula every 3 hours.  We are anxious to get to the point where his feedings won't be so close together.  But feeding him through the g-tube is fast so it's not necessarily all that bad.

Bennett is starting to roll over more (he actually sleeps on his stomach alot of the night).  So, we're having to coax him to stay on his back while we bolus feed him through the g-tube.  It's working right now but this little guy is going to be a mess to deal with when he starts crawling!  We're trying to figure out what we're going to do before we get there.

Breck has inquired with his CF doctor several times about his disinterest in the bottle.  She has continued to reassure us that not taking the bottle is not a big deal - he's only months away from being moved from bottle to sippy cup anyway.  We are just hoping he will take to the sippy cup!

Bennett is eating his solid food fantastically!  We have had problems in the past but as long as we keep him eating anything sweet (he loves apple baby food, sqquash, pears, berries, etc), he does just fine.  Peas are NOT his favorite.  We are also looking forward to his transitioning to solid foods in the next few months.

One funny story we can share that relates to the strangeness of feeding one's baby by a tube is a story Breck recently told of being on the playground with friends a few months ago.  A friend of a friend had joined a group of mommas whose kids regularly play on the playground together.  The friend of a friend, not knowing our story or Bennett's issues, curiously watched while Breck sat on a bench nearby and fed Bennett through his g-tube.

Later, this friend of a friend (a very kind mother who Breck has enjoyed getting to know) came up to Breck and asked about Bennett's needs.  (Breck appreciates when people ask - it offers an opportunity for us to share our lives with others and puts to rest any misconceptions that might exist.)  This friend of a friend certainly understood when Breck explained why Bennett is tube-fed and how it works.  But the friend shared, "oh, I thought that you were using using a lactation aid and were breastfeeding but through a tube.  You know how some babies struggle to take to the breast?  I thought you were just pumping milk to your baby that way."

Breck and this friend laughed.  Thankfully, this is not what Breck was having to do at the park.  However, either way, feeding a baby through a tube is always awkward. :)

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