07 May 2010

Breck's Thoughts: Dropped on your head, literally.

Oliver, you will one day be able to laugh at your little brother and tell him that his Momma dropped in on his head.

Today, I took both boys to Fort Worth for Bennett's follow up appointment with the surgeon.  I knew it'd be a fairly quick appointment so I decided to have Oliver come along (usually, he stays behind with a babysitter since Bennett's clinic appointments are usually long and boring for a 2.5 year old).

After Bennett's appointment (which went very well), I took both kids across the street to play on the hospital playground.  I knew Oliver needed time to play and run around before we had to turn back around for a 1 1/2-2 hour car ride back home.  Besides, Bennett needed to be changed and fed as well.

How come when you carry around everything you need in the diaper bag, you never need it?!  And yet, when you forget something (that you usually have, mind you), you find yourself wishing you had remembered it.  This happened today as Bennett had one of those poopy blowouts that went up the back and ruined the outfit.

Realizing that I had no new outfit in his bag, I decided I had no choice but to let him go naked until we made it home.  (What is it with me and my naked children in public these days?)

So, after Oliver satisfied his need to run around in circles and climb on everything he could, we began to return to the car.  I put Bennett in the carseat, which clicks in to the stroller and told myself that I'd actually strap him into the carseat once we were at the car (it's hard to want those to put those nylon straps across your little naked baby's chest until you have to).

We arrived at the car (still parked at the Pediatric Surgeon's office) and proceeded with the process of getting in the car: open the front door and turn the engine on to get the AC running, open the back passenger seat car door for Oliver to let him "be a big boy and get in his carseat by himself", open the trunk and start throwing in bags (saving room for stroller), unhook Bennett's carseat from the stroller and walk around to put him in....

...and that's when it happened: The unthinkable!!

As soon as I remembered, it was already happening.  I feel the weight redistribute in the carseat carrier in my hand and want to stop it but my body is too slow.  All I can do is watch my poor naked pale-skinned blonde-haired baby roll right out of his purple and black Graco carseat and on to the white hard concrete. 

I gasp and immediately think: this isn't happening!! OH NO!

I scoop him up as fast as I can but he, of course, is wailing.  I just dropped my baby on his head!

Holding him tightly in my arms, I panic!  "I must get him to a doctor," I think to myself.  I considered the ER, only steps away.  But then I realize the Surgeon can help.

I run to Oliver and jerk him out of the car as fast as I can and almost in tears, "Come with Mommy, NOW!"

I run 30 feet into the clinic to the front desk (the staff is there but all are on lunch break).  The lady opens the window to see what I need.  "I just dropped my baby on the concrete and I need a doctor to look at him and make sure he's ok."

She looks at me like I'm speaking another language.  Then I say, "but my car is running and my purse is in the car, can you take my baby?!"

Poor thing reluctantly takes my naked screaming baby through the glass window.  I tell Oliver to stay in the waiting room and I fly out the door.  After grabbing my keys and purse, I tear back in, am given back my baby and am taken to an exam room.

A very sweet nurse kindly distracts Oliver and brings him into another room.  The doctor, our Surgeon, who saw us just an hour before, calming emerges from the back (probably in the midst of eating lunch).  He is incredibly laid back and asks on our way to the examining room, "from how far did he fall?"

It hits me then that he didn't far very far, maybe two feet up.  The Surgeon examines Bennett and reminds me that "a crying baby is a good sign."  He gently looks over Bennett's body and into his eyes, so slow it feels patronizing.  "I think he's going to be just fine," he reassures me.

I realize then that I may have freaked out just a tad.  But how does one really know how not to overreact when...

one has just dropped their baby on HIS HEAD!?

Despite a small bruise on the back of his head, Bennett was seen cooing and laughing shortly after this happened.  Ultimately, there was no passing out, no swelling nor any consistent pain.

Thankfully all is fine.

And I have certainly learned a few lessons for the day: always pack an extra outfit (that way you'll never use it), buckle your kid in their carseat at all times and consider taking a day or two off from parenting.

Nonetheless, don't worry, Bennett, you can reassure Oliver that he too was dropped when HE was a baby - except that one was by his daddy.*

* This situation also involved an unbuckled baby - as well as climbing concrete stairs while being carried in the stroller by Daddy and godfather, Matt.

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  1. funny, i remember being involved in two separate incidences similar to this with oliver! one involved a blow-out diaper at target with no extra outfit and the other, as you mentioned, an unbuckled baby on a set of stairs. i suppose your third child should expect similar things to happen because, after all, third times a charm, right?! love you!! :)


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