17 May 2010

Another Bennett Beats The Odds

There is a great story about another Bennett (about the same age as our Bennett) who was diagnosed with a devastating disorder but has come out triumphant.  Thanks to our sweet friend Laura who sent us this message and link:

"Thought you might like to watch this story about another little Baby Bennett who's a fighter =)"

ABC News (who first carried this story) mentions that the mother has created a massive a list of resources for families of children with special needs.  Because it took forever for us to find them on the ABC website, we have posted them here:  We look forward to printing them out and looking through them ourselves.


  1. Wow--what an inspiring story! Kiss our Bennett for me :)

  2. Brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing! Love, Ms.Ann

  3. It must be in the name.... =)


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