16 April 2010

Tomorrow is Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis Happy Day!

We are so excited about tomorrow!  Uh, yeah, weird.  But that's ok.  We're considering Saturday his birthday, of sorts.

It's his Cystic Fibrosis Happy Day.

We are considering tomorrow's walk a celebration of community and hope.

Community: Saturday will be the joining of an existing community that has already come alongside Bennett/Our Family with a new community (the CF community) in which we have joined. We hope that Saturday will serve as a reminder to us that we are not in this alone.

Hope: We believe that eventually, someday, there will be a cure.  Maybe for Bennett.  Or Maybe for the next little boy diagnosed with CF.  Either way, watching people wake up early on a Saturday morning and hearing the money that has been raised on behalf of those who are suffering will serve a sign of hope.  There will be an end of Cystic Fibrosis one day.

Tomorrow is not a day to cry or be sad.  We have CF and we're ok.  Tomorrow is a day to celebrate!


  1. We'll be thinking of you guys! We are planting a garden at my parents' house tomorrow, and I've been thinking about how the walk and planting day coincide. We will sow new life as we reflect on Bennett's.

  2. Amen! We'll be praying for you guys!

  3. Hope you have a great turnout for the walk! I got my shirt, and I'm wearing it now. My 2 grandsons are running in their little races today. Cash's is before my race,and Ayden's is after my race. I'll be wearing my shirt most of the time I'm there. Praying for Bennett and your family! Will have pictures of the grandsons on FB! Hoping to see pictures of yall! Love, Ms.Ann


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