20 April 2010

Update: They're Back and They're Good!

Bennett's Hepatitis Tests came back this morning.  Thank goodness we don't have to draw any more blood afterall.  The tests are all clear, as expected, so he does not have Hep A, B or C.

We need to return for blood work to recheck his liver enzymes again in two weeks but we're pretty confident that all is well.  Bennett is showing no more symptoms of projectile vomiting.  (We have LOVED that he can now once again keep an outfit on for more than 20 minutes!!)

There is an element of feeling like all of this bloodwork and testing is useless.  We always seem to feel that way when a test comes back showing no abnormalities.  But we are still learning Bennett and still learning about CF.  Therefore, we are on high alert for any problems or complications.

Fortunately, as each day passes, as each symptom subsides and as each test comes back negative, we gain a sense of confidence that everything is going to be alright.

We have been encouraged by our doctors to continue to stay aware of how he is doing.  Everyone seems to believe the "better safe than sorry" philosphy is best with Bennett and CF in general. 

But we are glad to know that each time a test comes back resolved, we have more evidence that he is a relatively healthy boy for now.

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