19 April 2010

Test Results and Doctor Visits

Bennett's blood test results from this morning came back this afternoon, which is great.  We are exhausted waiting for test results.  It scared us that 25% of Cystic Fibrosis patients get liver disease.  However, Bennett's liver enzyme levels went down indicating he most likely had a virus. 

We've been asked by the Pediatrician to come back tomorrow for more blood work since the outsourced lab ended up having trouble with the previous blood submitted for Bennett's Hepatitis blood test.  We were surprised that the doctor wanted us to come back to submit more blood when his liver enzyme levels indicate it is highly unlikely that it is Hepatitis.  However, Bennett's Pediatrician just wants to confirm he did not contract Hepatitis from his blood transfusion when he was a newborn (which is highly unlikely but worth knowing for sure should other symptoms arise).

Today's doctors appointments to the Pulmonologist and Gastroenterologist went great.  They both feel he is thriving and were happy to see his weight gain (he's 16.2 lbs!).  The Gastroenterologist did mention that Bennett has outgrown his G-button.  She he suggested that we speak with the Pediatric Surgeon about that when we follow up with him in two weeks.

Everybody is so excited that Bennett is showing signs that he is fairly healthy - of course, nobody more than us!  We will return to the Pulmonologist in about a month and see the GI doctor again in 3-4 months. 

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