11 April 2010

Projectile Vomiting

Bennett has been having some new worrisome symptoms this week.  It's been going on for a week and we have exhausted all of the "could be's" we know of...It could be the stomach bug.  It could be reflux.  It could be constipation. But now, we're pretty sure it's none of those.

His symptoms include fewer dirty diapers and projectile vomiting within 20 minutes of eating.  There have been some scary moments over the last week.  Numerous times we have fed Bennett and lied him down to play on the floor before which he started screaming.  When we approached Bennett to see what was wrong, we have found him covered in milk - so much milk that it puddles in his eyes and is soaking his hair, clothes and the floor beneath him.

We really got worried on Thursday night when we woke up to his screaming at 3:45am and found him soaked by milk as though we had thrown an entire glass of milk on his face.  This was really scary for us since Bennett had only been on his very very slow feeding pump all night long.

At first, we considered that he might just be constipated.  We wondered if these episodes were happening when he tried to have a bowel movement and his gut pushed the fluid back up through his nose.  We gave him two doses of a laxative over a 48 hour period.  It did seem to help with his lack of dirty diapers but the projectile vomiting issues have not stopped.

We spoke with a nurse last Friday who agreed it sounded like constipation.  We decided to wait until Monday to do anything.  But, concerned, we called the oncall doctor this weekend.  The doctor said he needs to be checked out but we could wait until Monday if he's not dehydrated. 

So, first thing in the morning, we will call and get an appointment for Bennett.  We are hopeful the doctor will have a simple reason for this issue and we will be good to go.  However, there is always a small chance that there is a bowel obstruction or some other mechanical problem that might not be so simple to solve.

It's hard to believe how complicated Bennett's issues seem to be.  It seems like every few weeks we have some issue arise only to settle a short time later.  But just as we begin to feel confident that we are finally at "life as normal", things change.

It's exhausting to care for a child with a chronic illness.  But more than anything, it's just exhausting to always worry.  We worry about his lungs...his growth...his these new symptoms.

Thankfully, though, we have some wonderful resources to help us cope.  And God is good all the time.


  1. I know exactly how u feel, with aylas obstruction in the past i am always worried when we don't see a BM for a day or tummys hurting..I agree, hope theres a simple solution. Prayers!

  2. Sorry to hear this. We will be praying for you guys and we send our love!

  3. So sorry to hear this, you guys do seem to always be battling something. We are thinking of you and prayinng for sweet, little Bennett. Keep us posted!


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